Word of the Month (or WotM) is an ongoing monthly feature of the PBS web site. Often the words chosen are associated with events occurring during the year, or events that will occur in upcoming episodes.


anywhere from 2007 to 2010, unclear

These ads do not list the year and only give a vague indication of date (by announcing an upcoming episode) so this could possibly be other years. They are all prior to April 2012 though, based on when they were added to Facebook. Based on the later years being spoken for, and lacking the change in design, the year is clearly earlier.

After 2007

Due to mentioning the 2008 Emmy (won prior to July 2008) these WotMs could not have occurred in 2007, but it is not clear yet what years they happened.


missing February/March/April/June/July/August/November/December


missing February/March/May/June/July/August

2009 or 2010

Enamored mentions several awards that the show has won, so it had to be WOTM after those awards were announced. The specific dates are unclear but some hints are included at the following articles:


missing January/April/May/June/July/August/September/October/November


all months covered


missing May


missing January/February/September


missing February/March

See also

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