Transcript for WordGirl and the Narrator

(WordGirl is somewhere in space, standing on the surface of what could be an asteroid, or maybe the moon? The earth can be seen behind her.)

WordGirl: (impatiently tapping her foot) C'mon, just try it!

Narrator: I don't think it sounds right.

WordGirl: How do you know if you don't try?

Narrator: Trust me. I can tell.

WordGirl: Come on, what do you have to lose?

Narrator: How about my reputation? And... what does reputation mean?

WordGirl: (getting frustrated) It means what people think of you.

Narrator: Ah--well thank you, WORD-GIRL!

(Suddenly WordGirl gets an idea, and strikes an adorable pose.)

WordGirl: (looks at him with big eyes) Pleeease?

Narrator: (sighing) Fine. But just this once!

(WordGirl claps excitedly, then assumes her superhero stance)

(The narrator clears his throat and begins speaking in his narrator voice)

Narrator: Welcome viewers, to another exciting adventure of-- The Super-Sweet and Really Strong Princess...

WordGirl: (whispering to him) ...who also knows vocabulary.

Narrator: ...Who Also Knows Vocabulary!

(WordGirl returns to a normal stance)

WordGirl: I like it!

Narrator: Are you kidding?

WordGirl: No.

Narrator: It'll never fit on a T-shirt!

(WordGirl thinks about this for a second. Then scene cuts to her and Huggy sitting on a white unicorn, with a rainbow behind them. A camera flash goes off, then the scene cuts to a picture of the T-shirt.)

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