Transcript for WordGirl and the Butcher

(Scene: a building under construction, somewhere in the city. WordGirl, Huggy and The Butcher are standing on a girder. Behind the Butcher there is a large piece of meat with a timer attached.)

The Butcher: In 45 seconds, my Steak Bomb will turn the whole city beefified!

WordGirl: But what about the vegetarians?

The Butcher: Oh, I LOVE that group! What’s that song they sing again?  (humming) mm mm, mm mm mm...

WordGirl: No, vegetarians are people who don’t eat meat.

The Butcher: (coughs and grabs his chest) WHAT?! That’s disgusting!

WordGirl: (in an authoritative voice) Turn that bomb off right now!

The Butcher: Never!

WordGirl: Listen Butcher, we can do this the easy way or the hard way!

The Butcher: (looks around for a few seconds) Oh, you want me to choose.

WordGirl: Yeah.

The Butcher: Oh-- well, I… I guess the easy way!

WordGirl: (surprised) Oh! Okay, well uh… could you turn the switch off? You’re closer.

The Butcher: Yeah, Okay! (He reaches over to press the timer)

WordGirl: Thanks!

(The Butcher stops when he realizes what he’s about to do. The timer is now under 15 seconds.)

The Butcher: Wait a second! You’re not gonna trick me that easy---

(All of a sudden, crows come down and start to circle around him)

The Butcher: Whoa, whoa--hey, stop! Ow! (The crows start to attack him, grabbing the meat he is wearing. He tries to shoo them away, and eventually he loses his balance and falls off the beam. After a second, there is a thud as he hits the ground)

The Butcher: (groaning) Ooh! I’m all right!

(WordGirl walks over and presses the stop button on the timer. It stops at one second.)

The Butcher: (still groaning) Ooooh, boy!

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