"WordGirl and Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy"
Short # 24 of 30
WordGirl and Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy
Length: 1 min
Primary Villain: Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy
Vocabulary Words: Struggle
Watch Video: PBS Video
"WordGirl and Dr. Two-Brains"
"WordGirl and Dr. Two-Brains, Part 2"

WordGirl and Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy is short number 24 out of 30 of The Amazing Colossal Adventures of WordGirl.


WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face struggle to break free from Chuck, the Evil Sandwich Making Guy's “Atomic Hot Dog Lasso.”


In this short, Chuck has WordGirl and Huggy trapped in his Atomic Hotdog Lasso. Chuck tells them not to struggle (although he needs a little help from WordGirl to come up with the right word).

As it turns out, the hot dogs may be too strong to wiggle out of, but prove to be very easy for Captain Huggy Face to eat. Chuck tells him to stop, but WordGirl tells Huggy to eat faster. At the end, Chuck realizes that they will escape, and says he needs to make a phone call.

The Narrator does not speak in this short. He does not speak in a majority of the 1-minute shorts, the exceptions being WORDGIRL! WORDGIRL! WORDGIRL... and WordGirl and the Narrator.


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