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Word Girl Opening (Good Quality)01:01

Word Girl Opening (Good Quality)


The WordGirl Theme Song is the theme song of the series WordGirl. It is composed by Steven D'Angelo and Terry Tompkins and sung by Sharon Lee Williams.


Word up, it's Wordgirl!

Word up, it's Wordgirl!

Flying at the speed of sound. Vocabulary that astounds.

From the planet Lexicon.

Watch out villains, here she comes!

Faced with a catastrophe, we need the living dictionary!

Her superior intellect keeps the crime world in check!

Go girl!

Huggy Face is by her side, vocabulary a mile wide.

She'll make sure that the crime won't pay, and throw some mighty words your way!

Word up, it's Wordgirl!

Word up!

From the planet Lexicon.

Watch out villains! Here she comes!!


  • The song was originally written for a male singer, and when the songwriters decided to use a female singer instead, they didn't change the key.
  • In the episode Dr No-voice Dr Two brains Sings part of the theme song

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