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Inside wordgirl's spaceship

WordGirl's Super Secret Spaceship Hideout is the spaceship she came to Earth in. Perhaps formerly belonging to Captain Huggy Face, the ship has multiple rooms, all different and unusual. According to Dr. Two Brains' Henchmen, there's a Butterfly Room and an Anti-Gravity Room. It also has a library, which holds the book Super Advanced Secret Battle Moves of The Planet Lexicon, which taught WordGirl new moves to defeat Miss Power (seen in The Rise Of Miss Power).

WordGirl has a room that holds souvenirs from past battles . Items like Tobey's robot clone, Mr. Big's Walk-and-Talk WordGirl Doll, one of Steve McClean's suits, Chuck's Handsome Panther costume, Seymour Orlando Smooth's microphone, and what looks like most of Dr. Two Brains' rays and inventions. Recently, WordGirl also added WordBot to the collection.

There's also a room with a ping-pong table, where Wordgirl and Huggy sometimes play, and a vending machine, which Dr. Two Brains' Henchmen discovered only takes alien money.

The Crime Computer is in the main room, in the corner. WordGirl keeps a large amount of stuff in the giant room. A jungle gym, a horse that looks

The Outside of WG's Ship

like it once belonged to a carousel, and many other
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"And the offical WordGirl AND Captain Huggy Face Hideout is complete!" -The main interior of the ship

objects that she has collect
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The Library


The ship also has a recreation room that contains a TV, a big lounge chair, and a small bookshelf. WordGirl likes to catch up on episodes of The Pretty Princess and Magic Pony Power Hour in here. If you pull a specific book off the shelf, the wall opens up to reveal a secret exit chute that Huggy built. The chute leads to the outside of the ship.

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Inside the hideout