(Scene: the Botsford house.  Becky is sitting in a beanbag chair next to the TV, reading Pride and Prejudice.)

Becky (laughs): Oh Elizabeth, will you ever be tamed?!

(Mr. Botsford is sitting on the couch across from the TV, working WordGirl's Super crossword puzzle in the newspaper.  As we look at the crossword page, we see a picture of WordGirl with her head resting on her right hand--the same pose that Becky has taken while she is reading.)

Who is WordGirl 3

Mr. Botsford working the crossword

Mr. Botsford: Hmm...a six-letter word starting with "H" that means a shipping port...

Becky: Harbor.

Mr. Botsford: Harbor!  Thanks, hon.  (writes it in)

Becky: No prob!

Mr. Botsford: OK.  Seven letters...starts with a "B", ends with an "O", means "causes fear"... hmm...Bulaa...Boolaaa...Baloop-a-doo-bing-bao...

Becky: Bugaboo.

Mr. Botsford: Bugaboo!  That's it!

TV Announcer: Tonight, on an investigative report...we try to figure out...Who is...WordGirl?  (a color version of the WordGirl photo appears on the TV screen.) 

(The camera zooms out, so that the TV image and Becky are seen side by side.  The similarities between WordGirl and Becky Botsford are unmistakable.)

TV Announcer: (continuing)  What does she do when she's not fighting crime?  Why, she could be curled up in front of the TV right now, possibly reading a book!  Maybe, helping someone with a crossword puz--

Mr. Botsford: (clicks the remote and turns the TV off)  Ah, I don't think we'll ever find out who WordGirl really is.  (focusing back on the crossword)  Now...a nine-letter word beginning with the letter "O" that means clueless...unable to see what's right in front of you... (he lowers the paper, transitioning his view again between the picture of WordGirl in the newspaper and Becky sitting on the beanbag)

Who is WordGirl 2

Can you give me an example of oblivious?

Becky: Oblivious.

Mr. Botsford: Hm... oblivious.  Can you give me an example?

Becky: (sighs and shakes her head)

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