"Where's Huggy?"
Season 2, Episode 10b
Where's Huggy?
Production code: 210 b
Original Airdate: 06/19/2009
Featured Words: Rehearse,
Written by: Carla Filisha
"Pretty Princess Premiere"

Where's Huggy? is episode 10b of Season 2 of WordGirl.


Becky goes searching for Bob, who has gone missing just before the Annual Pet Talent Show.


WordGirl and Bob are rehearsing for their ventriloquist act at the annual Pet Talent Show. However, after Becky and Mr. Botsford make fun of him, Bob feels insulted and neglected and runs away from Becky.

Later on, Becky notices Bob is missing after he doesn't show up for lunch. She deduces he must have been kidnapped by one of the villains, and tries to track down her missing sidekick by making house calls to various evil villains' lairs. Getting worried that they would miss the Pet Talent Show and she wouldn't be able to locate her sidekick, she ultimately ends up at The Butcher's lair, where Bob is residing, eating his heart out with various meat products. The Butcher tells WordGirl that he wants to train Bob for the Pet Talent Show as well, and Bob isn't enthusiastic at all to return with WordGirl. However, WordGirl explains to him that she's been looking all day for him throughout the city, and a finally satisfied Bob agrees to go with her.

At the Pet Talent Show, Becky and Bob are getting ready for their act, though Bob insists that he will only perform on one condition - if Bob is the puppeteer instead. Becky agrees, and the two manage to win first place.


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