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Walk and Talk Wordgirl Dolls.

The Walk and Talk WordGirl Doll is a mechanical, mind-control doll that was mass-produced by Mr. Big to control the minds of the citizens of Fair City in the episode "Mr. Big's Dolls and Dollars". It spoke repetitive phrases that were recorded by Mr. Big's assistant, Leslie, at Mr. Big's office building, and broadcasted to all the Walk and Talk WordGirl Dolls.

WordGirl strongly disliked the dolls, because they "used words incorrectly and had poor grammar". The dolls were also mind-control devices, so that whoever heard what they said did what they said. The dolls constantly demanded accessories, resulting in the people buying them, (Because of the mind-control).
WordGirl Doll

Whatever happened to the Walk and Talk WordGirl Dolls after the episode is unknown, as Mr. Big refunded them after WordGirl used the mind control dolls to tell the people that the dolls were defective and to get their refund back.

It is seen in 'Bummertime' that Tobey has one in his bedroom.

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