Victoria and recorder

Victoria holding her recorder.

Victoria's Recorder is Victoria Best's weapon. Its power is to hypnotize others with its music, often helping Victoria escape or to steal things. The recorder is her main gadget and has been very helpful in a lot of ways, however the Recorder still has a few unfortunates with it.


This was the first object Victoria ever used in her first self titled episode, but she used it to play regular music notes. But after Becky won a trophy Victoria didn't she used it to play hypnotic like notes that put becky in a hypnotic-like trance and steal the trophy. In Victoria is the Best...WordGirl? the Recorder was used in a very different way, when Victoria was about to do her usual to WordGirl and Huggy the two put on ear muffs so Victoria hooked it to an amplifier and instead of hypnotizing them it blew them away making the new power Recorder Blast unfortunately that was the only episode where that move was shown.


There are only two problems with the Recorder. In Victoria's first appearance she couldn't play it after her cracker eating contest with Huggy due to dry lips, if Victoria's lips are dry and not in good shape it can not be played. In Crime in the Key of V, during her somewhat battle with The Whammer she felt intimidated and nervous, causing her to play sour green notes not hypnotizing but very ear harmful.


It's a Fushcia pink plastic recorder that's about 12 inches tall. When used to hypnotize large pink notes fly out the bottom hole and swirl around the victim's head, when nervous greenish white crooked notes fly out instead.

People used on

This is a list of the people and things Victoria hypnotized. Notice characters that were not shown being hypnotized will not be on the list.


  • The Recorder never seemed to affect Victoria's sidekick General Smoochington it is possible that he's immune to the affects.
  • The only episode that the Recorder was not used in was The Best of the Bests for there just wasn't really anything to steal.

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