Victor Best
Victor Best
Name Victor Best
Gender Male
Age 7 or 8
Occupation Student
Alignment Evil
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends TJ Botsford
Family Mr. and Mrs. Best (parents)
Victoria (sister)
General Smoochington (house pet)
poodle (other pet)
Voice Actor Josh Fadem

Victor Best is the brother of Victoria Best.  He has an eerie resemblance to TJ Botsford making him Tj's counterpart of the Bests. He is seen playing a game of chess with the poodle in Victoria's house in Victoria's self-titled debut episode.

He is formally introduced in the episode "The Best of the Bests", when TJ invites him over for a play date. Victor brings Victoria and General Smoochington with him, however it's revealed that he too is obsessed with being the Best (even though he said that it's just a name and not a big deal).  He convinces TJ to have a basketball shooting contest between Becky and Victoria.  When Victoria beats him he tries to think of a way to outdo her, but when TJ mentions his photo with Wordgirl, Victor came up with an idea:  he tells TJ to call WordGirl over to "surprise" her, and when she arrives Victor appears to have created a machine that will steal Wordgirl's powers and finally make him the Best.  When it works, Victoria gives Wordgirl an idea to retrieve her powers.  Wordgirl shouts that Victor didn't take ALL of her powers, and says that it's a secret power.  When Victor flies over to find out what it is, Victoria turns the machine on and gives Wordgirl her powers back.  After that, Victoria destroys the machine with an origami bulldozer, causing Victor to cry about his failure.

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