"Two Brains in the Grocers"
Short # 08 of 30
Length: 2 min
Original Airdate: 29 Dec 2006
Primary Villain: Dr. Two-Brains
Storyline: 2 of 5
Vocabulary Words: Ruckus
Watch Video: PBS Video
"The Crazy World of Dr. Two Brains (short)"
"The Times, They Are A-Cheesy"

Two Brains in the Grocers is short number 08 out of 30 of The Amazing Colossal Adventures of WordGirl.


WordGirl tries to capture Dr. Two Brains after he eats all the cheese in the grocery store, but Dr. Two Brains is able to escape by causing a ruckus.


Becky is trying to distract T.J. so she can follow Doctor Two-Brains. T.J. seems determined to tail her wherever she goes. She eventually manages to get rid of him by acting all lovey-dovey and calling him “de sweedest brothuh evah”, which grosses him out. Becky then transforms into WordGirl and goes off in pursuit of Two Brains.

When she arrives at the grocery store, the whole place is in an uproar; people are screaming, cheese is scattered everywhere, grocery carts abandoned all over the room. It is so loud Wordgirl didn't even hear the Narrator say his “Meanwhile at the grocery store line” after he said it twice. She goes up to Dr. Two Brains, who is eating all the cheese he can get his hands on in the Dairy section. The Grocery Store manager says that he really seems to know his cheese and offers him a job at the store. WordGirl confronts Two Brains, accusing him of starting a ruckus and referring to him as “Professor Boxleitner”, which angers him, saying that isn’t his name anymore. The Grocery Store Manager is confused, thinking that Dr. Two-Brains’ name used to be ruckus. WordGirl explains that Dr. Two Brains is causing a ruckus. But when the Grocery Store manager asks what Dr. Two Brains’ name is, Dr. Two Brains says “Dr. Two Brains” and Wordgirl says, “Professor Boxleitner” at the same time. Then The Grocery Store manager asks what ruckus means, and Wordgirl defines it as “a large noisy mess”. Dr. Two Brains references the book he wrote, “Superheroes and You: A Practical Guide”, mentioning that a good way to distract a superhero is to cause a ruckus, and he shoots a laser beam out the end of one of a pen. The laser beam shatters a tub full of olive oil nearby, sending a colossal wave of olive oil down Aisle 7. Wordgirl grabs an armful of paper towels and sets them down at the end of the aisle, blocking the wave. By the time she returns to the Dairy section, however, Two Brains is nowhere to be found. WordGirl wants to go find him, but then realizes she’s late for dinner and flies back home.

Wordgirl and Huggy after Two-Brains has escaped.


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