"Tobey or Not Tobey"
Short # 16 of 30
Tobey or not Tobey
Length: 2 min
Original Airdate: 26 Jan 2007
Primary Villain: Theodore "Tobey" McCallister III
Storyline: 2 of 3
Vocabulary Words: Hullabaloo
Watch Video: PBS Video
"Play Date"
"The Wrath of Tobey"

Tobey or Not Tobey is short number 16 out of 30 of The Amazing Colossal Adventures of WordGirl.


Tobey and Becky argue over whether Tobey’s Robot caused real damage to the city or only a minor hullabaloo. Tobey decides to play a game with Becky to see if she’s really WordGirl or not.


The short begins where Play Date left off--after Theodore McCallister demands that Becky return the remote that she found, she realizes that he is actually Tobey! Tobey responds with, "'re WordGirl?" which she denies. He dismisses her accusation that his robots caused a hullabaloo, which she defines as "noisy excitement." To drive home the point, she turns on the TV, and a contestant on the game show "Cash or Pie" also guesses the same word and wins the pie. Quite a coincidence, huh? (Becky's response to the narrator: It's my show...things roll my way!)

Still believing she is WordGirl, he then purposely mispronounces a word, getting Becky to correct him. He says that's just the sort of thing WordGirl would say, which she again denies in a flustered tone, and then mispronounces a word herself to try and throw him off. Tobey ups the game by grabbing the remote, and announcing that they were going to play a little game, "Is Becky WordGirl or Not?" He presses a button on the remote. Becky tells her mother that the innocent boy she invited over is actually a dangerous maniac who tried to destroy the city.

The doorbell rings, and when Mrs. Botsford opens the door, there is a giant robot with its foot hovering over their house! Tobey tells Becky that she has 45 seconds to decide what to do. If she is WordGirl, then she can try to stop it. Otherwise, the robot will destroy the house. Thus this short also ends on a cliffhanger.


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  • The game show "Cash or Pie" is referred to later in Tobey or Consequences, the first episode of Season One of the WordGirl series.

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