"Tobey or Consequences"
Season 1, Episode 1a
Tobey or consequences
Production code: 101 a
Original Airdate: 9/3/2007
Featured Words: Enormous,
Written by: Jack D. Ferraiolo
"High-Fat Robbery"

Tobey or Consequences is episode 1a of Season 1 of WordGirl.


While Tobey has a babysitter, WordGirl and Tobey get into a battle of words on a real-life match of a game show that Tobey invented, "Crash or Pie."


The sitter

S1E1a Tobey and Sitter

What a nice little boy.

Tobey's mom, Claire McCallister, prepares to go on a business trip. She leaves Tobey with a sitter, and gives all of Tobey's robot remotes to her so she can be in charge of them. After Mrs. McCallister leaves, the sitter cautiously and nervously approaches Tobey's room (as she is afraid of his giant robots), but finds that he is a quiet little boy that poses absolutely no danger at all–or so it seems, as "Tobey" flickers, revealing that he is actually a hologram and the real Tobey has snuck out, with an evil plan on his mind.

S1E1a Robot watering bush

Oh. Thank you.

The robot attack

Meanwhile, Becky, her father, and Bob are doing some gardening, when suddenly a robot appears and crushes some plants. Becky and Bob then go after the robot. Another robot arrives, and seems to prepare to squirt Mr. Botsford in the face, but it actually helps him water his bush.

S1E1a Robot Jump Rope

Now this isn't something you see everyday.

Confronting Tobey

Becky and Bob, as WordGirl and Huggy, then find three robots playing jump rope in the middle of the street, causing quite a commotion. While some other robots are participating in the long jump (leading viewers to the fact that the robots are doing some sort of "robot Olympics"), WordGirl takes off their heads and confronts Tobey, who is nervous about being near WordGirl. He then sends in a whole bunch of robots to attack. Huggy tries to defeat one, but gets dizzy when the robot's head he's on spins. WordGirl then tries to reach Tobey's mom, but gets the sitter instead, who doesn't believe a word she says, thinking that Tobey is in the room reading a book and listening to her stories. WordGirl then sends Huggy to Tobey's house. Tobey then argues with WordGirl about big words, and challenges her to a game of "Crash or Pie", which is supposed to be based on a TV game show called "Cash or Pie".

S1E1a Aardvark in Tights

Huggy's visit to the sitter

Huggy arrives at Tobey's house. The sitter comes to the front door, and upon doing so, Huggy tries to tell her about Tobey's robots. However, she has no idea what he is trying to say, and instead talks about how "Tobey" is such a good listener.

S1E1a WordGirl annoyed

Hey! You're cheating!

Crash or Pie

The game starts with the narrator introducing the contestants and explaining the rules (whoever can come up with a synonym for a word that he calls first, gets a point). WordGirl proceeds to earn two points seemingly before the game has begun; however, the narrator argues that "he decides when the game starts". Tobey becomes suspicious that she is using her super speed to buzz in first, so he launches robot attacks during rounds to stall her. WordGirl complains that he is cheating.

Again at Tobey's

Inside, Huggy tries to communicate the current situation to the sitter, but to no avail. While the sitter is rambling on about Tobey, Huggy tries to tell her that the Tobey she is referring to is actually a hologram, but she doesn't notice. She takes out "the nullifier to neutralize [Tobey's] giant attacking robots", and Huggy grabs it and leaves. While chasing after him, the sitter trips over the hologram plug and pulls it out, making the Tobey hologram disappear. She then realizes that everything Mrs. McCallister said was true, and that Tobey was fooling her the whole time.

Back at the game

WordGirl and Tobey are tied at six points each. The "lightning round" starts, in which the contestants must come up with synonyms for the "lightning word" the narrator calls out (in this case, enormous), until one person makes a mistake. It keeps going well until Tobey says "unsmall", which isn't a valid word, so WordGirl wins. Tobey is upset, and attempts to launch his whole army of robots on WordGirl, but for some reason, the robots aren't moving. It is revealed that Huggy used the nullifier to shut down the robots. Tobey takes it from him, but his mom and the sitter arrive in a car and confront him. Tobey's mom takes him away by the ear, and the narrator wraps up the episode.


WordGirl catching a bus

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  • The television show "Cash or Pie" (upon which "Crash or Pie" is based) was seen in the WordGirl short, Tobey or Not Tobey.
  • The Narrator ends this episode by saying "join us again next time for the Amazing, Colossal Adventures of WordGirl!" This was the phrase used to describe the shorts which preceded the series.
  • The first full episode to air on television.
  • The first episode to be written by Jack D. Ferraiolo.