Tobey's Robots are mechanical robots that were created by Tobey and minor villains in WordGirl. Tobey has a group of robots that attack the city for him. Brutus is the lead robot. Noteable robots under his name are listed on this page.


A robot that enjoyed drawing and tried to paint everything in the city. He wasnt exactly an evil robot, though was destroying the city, so had to be combatted by Wordgirl. He was later redeemed and became a professional painter before it broke down. (Reincarnated after being killed by the Super Robot)

Checkmate 3000

A robot used to play checkers against Captain Huggyface. He went mad because he didnt enjoy checkers.


He is shaped like a clock and was named likely after the evil Greek god known for eating his own children and was killed by Zeus. Chronos wanted to stop all time.


A robot made to replace Tobey's mother at the parent-teacher conferences. (Mobot Knows Best)


A mouse that was mechanically engineered with titanium, a rare strong metal, that was used to end WordGirl once and for all. He collaborated with Doctor Two-Brains to create this. This is likely the strongest of all robots they ever created.

Ms. Question's robot

A robot that Ms. Question captured, then she shot question marks at it to make it do her bidding.

Robo Tobey

An athletic version of Tobey was created to wind the Field Day competition.


A robot that looks like The Mayor and was used by Tobey to try to crush city hall.

Super Robot

A mechanically engineered robot used to fight Artsy. However, he started weeping and was reincarnated into robot heaven (like Enoch from the Bible)

Tobeybot 9000

A robot that looks like Tobey that was used to counterattack all of Wordgirl's moves. But Bampy defeats it by himself.


A robot built by Tobey who first appeared in the TV movie The Rise of Miss Power, as one of Tobey's robots comforting him when he was made fun of by Miss Power and Wordgirl.