"Tiny Big"
Season 2, Episode 6b
Tiny Big titlecard
Production code: 206 b
Original Airdate: 04/30/2009
Featured Words: Fad,
Written by: Kim Samek
"Highway to Havarti"
"I Think I'm a Clone Now"

Tiny Big is episode 6b of Season 2 of WordGirl.


Mr. Big creates the ultimate teenage idol named "Tiny Big" in order to steal WordGirl's thunder and brainwash the town into spending their money on pop star merchandise. Everytime she tells them that Tiny Big is a fad, She instead suffers hatred from the citizens are pro-Tiny Big and pro-music and Anti-Wordgirl. So she plans to investigate the darkest secret of Tiny Big.. .


Becky sees Violet and Scoops enjoying a concert hosted by Tiny Big. People in the city love him and advertised his album "WORDGIRL IS LAME"! Becky feels offended, but Violet, Scoops and the Mayor love him and give him a key to the city. What they don't know is that Tiny Big looks a lot like Mr. Big and is seen next to him all the time, So Becky turns into Wordgirl. She interrupts Tiny Big's next concert, but she booed and his by the audience so bad, that Mr. Big's bodyguards are forced to drag her offstage and throw her to backstage to stop angering fans. Tiny Big apologizes to everyone. And sing his next song "YOU'RE SO LAME!" to Wordgirl! While backstage, She discovers a machine and realizes that Tiny Big DOESN'T SING AT ALL! He just lip-syncs! She shuts if off, forcing Tiny Big, Mr. Big, and Leslie to flee from booing and hissing people. Scoops writes about this and writes how Wordgirl recieved her 41st key to the city. Wordgirl then dances horribly onstage in victory making people cringe.


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  • In this episode WordGirl received her 41st key to the city.