" I can nap, for like, a lot. "
describing his power in "Villain School"
Timmy Tim-Bo
Name Timmy Tim-Bo
Gender Male
Age Unknown (adult)
Alignment Villain
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends The Coach
Abilities Napping a lot
Voice Actor James Adomian

Timmy Tim-Bo may not have powers at all, not counting for his "ability" to nap a lot, but he is still a member in the Villain Society who helps keep an eye on unsuccessful Mischief Makers. He was seen in the episode "Villain School" with two more villains, Big Left Hand Guy, and Ms. Question. They were instructed by The Coach to break into the whistle museum and steal Michelangelo's Whistle, under Whammer's guidance on how to "wham, and steal stuff, and wham."

Upon confrontation with WordGirl and Huggy, the trio did expert-level poses, but had not learned how to battle yet, so they ran. He and Ms. Question were quickly tied up in a giant slide whistle, and Whammer was soon also defeated, with only Big Left Hand Guy escaping (not for long, though).

He is super allergic to butter, so he could not eat Whammer's butter pie in "Villain School".

Later appearances

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  • The toque guy, a background character who also wears a toque like Timmy but is different.