"Theme Park WHAMpage"
Season 2, Episode 5a
Production code: 205 a
Original Airdate: 03/24/2009
Featured Words: Patience,
Written by: Matt Fleckenstein
"Great Granny May (episode)"
"Chuck Makes a Buck"

Theme Park WHAMpage is episode 5a of Season 2 of WordGirl.


Becky and Bob are anxiously waiting in line for their chance to ride The Coaster-- the ultimate new roller coaster ride. The Whammer's enthusiasm for chocolate hot dogs and hi-striker machines at the park could ruin a totally fun day. Will WordGirl forfeit her chance to ride the coaster in order to stop the Whammer destroying the park?


In this episode, Becky and Bob go to a theme park, but their attempts to ride something Becky has been looking for are interrupted by the Whammer whose excessive enthusiasm leads him to destroy some of the attractions.

In spite of numerous attempts by WordGirl to control the Whammer, he continues to wreak destruction on the rides. WordGirl must come up with a way to stop him once and for all, so that she and Huggy can get their turn on the Coaster.

TJ is also seen at the park, where he almost learns Becky and Bob's secret identity as WordGirl and Huggy, when he nearly grabs photographs of them transforming from a photo booth.

Other background characters seen here include Tessa (coming off the coaster), Sean (waiting in line ahead of Becky), Steven (WYFW) (near the hot dog stand), Eli (the whiteshirt version) and Aliza/Sandy (11 year old girl in glasses enjoying the bounce house with Eli and Whammer)


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  • In the episode title, the word "WHAMpage" is a play on the word "rampage".
  • In a few early scenes, Oak Street lady is shown near the front of the line waiting for the roller coaster. In later scenes, she is shown just a few positions behind Becky and Bob in line.