"The Young and the Meatless"
Season 2, Episode 16a
0 wordgirl-(the young and the meatless; mr. big's mini-golf)-2010-06-22-0
Production code: 216 a
Original Airdate: 10/14/2009
Featured Words: Duplicate,
Written by: Jack D. Ferraiolo
"Big's Big Bounce"
"Mr. Big's Mini-Golf"

The Young and the Meatless is episode 16a of Season 2 of WordGirl.


A confrontation between the Butcher and Lady Redundant Woman leads to a romance between Butcher and one of her duplicates.


One day in the city museum, Lady Redundant Woman is stealing the Tryptophanian ceremonial value meal bucket of six golden chicken legs, when The Butcher suddenly jumps in to steal it too! WordGirl and Captain Huggyface fly to the museum to stop them, but Lady Redundant Woman makes a copy of herself to fight. Strangely, instead of fighting, the copy dreamily looks at the Butcher, who looks back with the same expression, all while a romantic song is playing from the museum's "faulty music system". Before the couple can talk, however, Lady Redundant Woman drags her duplicate away, and the Butcher traps WordGirl in a pile of meat.

At the lair of Lady Redundant Woman (which the narrator stumbles on pronouncing), she scolds her copy, who is revealed to be named Dupey, saying she "didn't know what has gone into her". Meanwhile, a newscast comes up on TV, showing the Butcher's picture on it, which Dupey starts staring at lovingly. Also on the news is an announcement for a display of three similar meat-shaped tiaras, which both Lady and the Butcher want to steal.

At the jewelry shop where the tiaras are, the Butcher is there stealing them while WordGirl tries to stop him. Just then, Lady and Dupey enter to confront the Butcher, but he and Dupey romantically skip towards each other and spin around, and the faulty music system love song is playing again; the curator is passing the jewelry shop while on his way to get the system fixed. Lady realizes that Dupey has a crush on the Butcher, which enrages her.

After escaping from yet another meat attack by him, Lady and Dupey go back to their lair, where Lady scolds her copy for falling for "that meat guy", and brings her back. Another newscast comes up about the Garbage of Ancient People Museum, where three similar t-bone steak bones are on display. Being identical and related to meat, it's easy to see who'll be targeting that prize. Before WordGirl could go stop the thieves, she gets a call from her crush Scoops, who she nervously tells to call her back.

The Butcher arrives at the museum wearing a suit under his apron and carrying a bouquet of flowers. He sees Lady Redundant Woman and thinks she's Dupey, but a closer look tells him it's not his girl. WordGirl enters to see them fighting again, but Lady grabs the steak bones and makes a run for it. The Butcher blocks the door with a Bologna Barricade, trapping Lady and giving her no choice but to bring out Dupey.

Instead of helping her master, Dupey skips towards the Butcher, who knocks Lady down. He makes a Pepperoni Prison to hold WordGirl, Captain Huggyface, and Lady Redundant Woman while he spends time alone with Dupey. With tears in her eyes, Dupey confesses that she can never be with her man because she's a vegetarian and doesn't eat meat. This breaks the Butcher's heart, causing him to lose his vigor to fight. Meanwhile, Huggy has eaten a hole through the prison and tackles the Butcher. The episode ends with the narrator saying that "romance and superheroes don't mix", and Scoops calling WordGirl, which she reacts to with excitement. This changes the narrator's mind about love and heroes, saying that "maybe they do mix".


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  • Dupey is a vegetarian, unlike Lady Redundant Woman who can eat meat, shown in her debut episode when she says she's okay with pepperoni pizza. This is yet another difference with the original, who does not appear to share Dupey's affection for Butcher.
  • Toward the end, WordGirl actually defined a third word in this episode-- vegetarian. The jingle even played as she defined it.

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