"The Straw That Broke Two-Brains' Back"
Season 3, Episode 9a
Production code: 309 a
Original Airdate: 04/01/2011
Featured Words: Abrupt,
Written by: Jack D. Ferraiolo
"Questionable Behavior"
"Nocan the Evil Ingredient Finding Guy"

The Straw That Broke Two-Brains' Back is episode 9a of Season 3 of WordGirl.


Becky is tired of missing out on regular kid fun because she always has to save the city from another villain's scheme. When Dr. Two Brains interrupts her Pretty Princess documentary it puts her over the edge. Can WordGirl defeat Dr. Two Brains and get back to the making-of her favorite show in time?


Becky, growing tired of her responsibilities to keep villains in line as WordGirl, is looking forward to much-deserved recreation time when a documentary of The Pretty Princess and Magic Pony Power Hour airs on TV. Unfortunately, just as she is about to sit down and watch it with her dad and TJ, Dr. Two Brains hacks into the TV signal. Becky then proceeds to cry "NOOOOOOO!!!!!"

She quickly rushes to Two Brain's lair, tying him up, but he unties himself just as quickly. After doing this a few times, Two Brains traps Word Girl, angry at her for all the "abrupt takedowns". He tells Word Girl that his big, evil plan is to turn the city into smoked gouda. This makes our plucky hero furious, as Dr. Two Brains has tried to turn the city into cheese "a million times". He then threatens to turn her into cheese, but Huggy breaks in and is able to save her.

After putting Dr. Two Brains in jail, Becky arrives home to find that her show has ended. She expresses concern before discovering that a re-run of it is coming on. Determined to enjoy her recreation time, she turns into Word Girl and flies to Two Brains's lair. Using his camera, she announces that she is going to have some recreation time. She threatens any villains who want to commit a crime by bending a huge steel pole, and then she soars back home to watch her show.


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