" Sorry about that. "
Narrator to Becky

The Narrator is a supporting character on the series WordGirl voiced by Chris Parnell (of Saturday Night Live fame). He has a secret ambition to serve as the narrator on 60 Minutes, and has no "physical" form, as stated more than once throughout various episodes. He not only announces, but he apparently does so from an omniscient viewpoint, for he can tell what characters are thinking and what is going on at different parts of the city simultaneously, as well as only have certain characters hear him and not others if he so chooses. This unseen mediator can talk to and interact with any character, though he most often converses with WordGirl, quite often breaking the fourth wall, as some say.


The Narrator has also been known to intervene in the story’s action, and his words and judgments during these circumstances generally lead the viewers to believe that he's not-so-secretly always on WordGirl’s side, far enough to even appear to be "playing favorites" or even biased. More than once he has been used as a plot device to move things along/help WordGirl

In "Princess Triana and the Ogre of Castlebum" he told WordGirl that Tobey was in the belly of his robot.

in "When Life Gives You Potatoes…" he hinted at Two-Brains' plans

In Wordbot he exclaimed "WATCH OUT!!", giving warning to WordGirl who then dodged a giant projectile. He then commented "I'm not only a Narrator, I'm also a devoted friend." WordGirl seemed moved by this, based upon her facial expressions.

However, in Mount Rushhere, when WordGirl asked "aren't you on my side?" he replied "I don't really pick sides".


  • The Narrator's Brother (appeared in the episode Mecha-Mouse)
  • The Narrator also mentions he has a mother who cooks well, claiming it is better than others' mothers' cooking.