The Museum

The Museum of Art and History displays a large variety of objects, from statues and paintings to ancient artifacts, and has been visited by many villains.
City Museum


The museum curator and security guard are the main people who work here.

Known museum exhibits are:

  • The Beef Jerky of Supreme Power
    • (plus the Bacon Earrings of Supreme Power)
  • The Question Mark of Socrates
  • The Gargantuan Gorgonzola Exhibit
  • The Rare Cheese Exhibit
  • The Miniature Cheese City of Santa Palabra
  • The Golden Rodent
  • The Cat Art Exhibit
  • Henry VIII's Ice Cream Sandwich and Henry VIII's "Whammer-Hammer"
  • The Golden Sail
  • The Ground Beef-Stuffed Pillows of King Irvyn the Bullheaded
  • The Original Royal Dandy Painting
    • (plus the original Horse Painting)
  • Cleopatra's Candy Dish
  • The Porcupine Vase
  • Cleopatra's Bed
  • The Ponderer Sculpture
  • The Fossil of Man's First Sandwich
  • Various prehistoric creatures (a mammoth, a caveman, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, a trilobite fossil, and a dodo bird and eggs)