The Learnerer
The Learnerer
Official image from the PBS Kids website.
Name The Learnerer
Gender Male
Occupation Villain
Alignment Evil
Race Human
Abilities Adaptive Super Suit
Voice Actor

The Learnerer is a villain who commits his crimes with an adaptive super suit.

He first appeared as a cameo in the movie The Rise of Miss Power as one of the many villains who showed up to fight Miss Power. He was later shown tied up alongside Steve McClean and Captain Tangent. This likely took place before his debut.

In The Learnerer (episode) the Learnerer was able to steal the giant Santa Tortuga diamond from Edith von Hoosinghaus. When WordGirl arrives to save the day, all of her moves are thwarted by the Learnerer, who has been studying her every move. Despite this, the Learnerer neglected to learn Captain Huggyface's moves, and he was defeated.

He was shown again in Hard-Learned Money, where he and The Amazing Rope Guy team up and he uses the Amazing Rope Guy to learn what to avoid.

His third and final appearance to date was in Art’s Parts, where he was stealing works of art because he couldn’t understand it and wanted to learn it in a way that would destroy it.


The Learnerer himself has no actual powers, but instead wears a super suit. His super suit can learn every time he is defeated so that he cannot be beaten in the same way twice. He has a level of control over what his suit adapts to, as he did not see Captain Huggyface as a threat and did not adapt to counter any of his moves. His suit additionally enhances his agility, seen when he jumped up onto Ms. von Hoosinghaus's chandelier to hide. His eye visor goes all the way around his head, and allows his eyes to move all the way around, which gives him 360' vision.

Villain Quirk

His villain quirk is adding doubling words' suffixes (Example: "I won't be defeateded so easilyly.").

Unlike most villains with speech impediments (Butcher, Eileen, LRW) the Learnerer seems to understand that he is speaking incorrectly and does it just to annoy people.