"The Handsome Panther"
Season 1, Episode 22a
The Handsome Panther
Production code: 122 a
Original Airdate: 10/13/2008
Featured Words: Ferocious,
Written by: Ryan Raddatz
"Big Business"
"The Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick Maker"

The Handsome Panther is episode 22a of Season 1 of WordGirl.


Tired of the same old sandwich-related crimes, Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy develops a new persona: The Handsome Panther, who's ferocious, and even has his own theme song. Will Chuck's new identity throw off WordGirl and allow him to escape?


Chuck is sitting in his mom's basement, and getting bored with his life. He decides it's time for a fresh start. After watching a TV commercial for the local zoo called "panthers...ninjas of the night", he decides to call himself The Handsome Panther.

Tim Botsford decides to build Bob a new monkey home, but when he shows them the plans, it is much too small for Bob to live in comfortably. When Becky's super-hearing detects trouble is afoot, she and Bob go off to battle the "Handsome Panther," who is stealing a sandwich recipe from the local sub sandwich shop headquarters. She has a hard time understanding the name change and the new costume. Chuck manages to trap WordGirl and Huggy using his old condiment gun, since he hasn't had time yet to come up with new weapons. He also plays them a recording of his new Handsome Panther theme song, which is so silly it makes everyone in the room laugh.

After freeing themselves, Becky and Bob return home, and Bob provides Mr. Botsford with a complicated multi-story house design for what he'd like his new house to be. Later, at the city zoo, Chuck traps WordGirl and Huggy, and then plans to unleash the panthers on the city, but when he opens their cage, the panthers are perfectly happy to stay where they are. Chuck/Handsome Panther tries to escape, but WordGirl frees herself from his condiment trap and captures him.

Back at home, Mr. Botsford has been building Bob's new house. Unfortunately, all he was able to finish was the outer facade, telling Bob that the rest of it will take another five years to complete.


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