" That's it. Thank you. "
Butcher to Bank Teller
The Butcher
The Butcher
Name The Butcher
Gender Male
Age Unknown (adult)
Occupation Villain
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Family Kid Potato (father)
Abilities Conjuring up various meat attacks.
Voice Actor Jack D. Ferraiolo

The Butcher is a villain on WordGirl and is voiced by former series head writer and co-developer Jack D. Ferraiolo.  His specialty is meat-related crimes, and he has the ability to produce copious amounts of any kind of meat by simply calling it out.  (Though this power is nullified by tofu.) He is equivalent to The Joker from Batman, as he is Wordgirl's arch enemy.

"The Butcher" is dressed as a butcher normally would be, but he also very frequently butchers the English language (much to the irritation of WordGirl.) Initially, WordGirl had difficulty with this villain and could not figure out how to overcome his meat-attacks.  She consulted her friend and ally Professor Boxleitner (who shortly after was transformed into Dr. Two-Brains an experiment gone horribly wrong) and while consulting him realized that Captain Huggy Face and his colossal hunger was the key.  Since then, Huggy has generally been in charge of handling the meat attacks, devouring astounding amounts of meat and thus rendering the attacks ineffective.  Since this, Huggy has occasionally failed, especially if he, WordGirl, or both are distracted--such as in the episode Meat with a Side of Cute, when they could not resist staring at Li'l Mittens

The Butcher has displayed a desire to correct his deficiencies in English, but the furthest he has gotten is improving his enunciation. After finding that there was more to language-improvement than just that, he seems to have dropped the more careful style of speaking.

Although The Butcher is quite large and somewhat imposing, it appears he has a soft-spot in his heart.  He is sensitive about various subjects, fell in love at first sight with one of Lady Redundant Woman's duplicates, and doted on his kitten sidekick Li'l Mittens (and subsequently began to panic and even shed tears when the feline disappeared.) Although his age is unknown, it's presumed that he's between 20 to 30 years of age.


In the episode "The young And the Meatless" the butcher fell in love at first sight upon meeting Dupey (Lady Redundant Woman ' duplicate) their romance didn't last long however, as Dupey breaks up with him under the realization that she can't be with him since she is an admitted vegetarian; This left the Butcher devastated.


The Butcher and Li'l Mittens

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  • In the episode "The Fill-In", it was revealed he has been friends with Charlie for a long time.
  • In the episode "The Meaty Dimension", The Butcher discovers the meat he summons comes from another dimension.

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