" Another clean getaway by Steve McClean. Making the world a cleaner place one crime at a time. "
Steve McClean
"The Ballad of Steve McClean"
Season 2, Episode 8b
Ballad McClean
Production code: 208 b
Original Airdate: 05/04/2009
Featured Words: Snazzy,
Written by: Will Shepard
"Bonkers for Bingo"
"Tobey's Tricks and Treats"

The Ballad of Steve McClean is episode 8b of Season 2 of WordGirl.


There’s a new villain cleaning up in town, and he’s taken over Two-Brains’ number one spot on the Super-Villain Countdown! Can WordGirl knock him down a few pegs, and will Two-Brains regain his former glory?


At the start of the episode, Dr. Two-Brains is seen turning the National National State Park's hot springs into cheese so he could fill his trucks with it, take it home, and fill his swimming pools with it so he could break the world record for largest store of fondue. However, WordGirl and Captain Huggyface ruin his plans by sneaking up in bush disguises and breaking his cheese ray.

As WordGirl tells Two-Brains that his cheese heists are getting "predictable", the Exposition Guy busts in and announces that someone is robbing the grocery store. When WordGirl arrives at the grocery store, the manager says that a new villain has "cleaned them up". This villain turns out to be Steve McClean, a snazzy newcomer to the villain world. WordGirl is then called to the First Second Third Bank, where McClean has also robbed and cleaned up. Meanwhile, Two-Brains is watching TV in his lair. While watching the WordGirl Weekly Supervillain Countdown, he discovers his two-year standing number one status has been beaten by none other than Steve McClean, pushing him down to second. Enraged at this surprise, he throws out the TV and says that he'll prove to the city that he is still the true number one villain.

Two-Brains pulls off several heists, only to be outdone by McClean each time. Three weeks later, McClean still holds the number one spot. As the reporter has even "forgotten" Two-Brains' name and his henchmen have put on fake mustaches to imitate McClean's snazziness, Two-Brains is enraged. Since the grocery store, in "fear" of another McClean robbery, has increased security on the cleaning products aisle, the dairy aisle is left unprotected, and Two-Brains uses this opportunity to show off there, dubbing himself Dr. Cool Brains and singing his own rap. These efforts have proved futile, however, as no one pays attention, instead "mobbing McClean in the parking lot".

When WordGirl shows up, McClean has robbed the safe at the front entrance. Two-Brains spots him, spills a bunch of water bottles in front of him, and turns the water to cheese with his cheese fizz ray, which McClean refuses to step in. This exposes two of McClean's weaknesses: his "neat-freakishness" and his nasalized voice, which is heard while he is complaining about the cheese. While he tries to clean up the cheese, WordGirl and some policemen catch and arrest him. The WordGirl Weekly reporter then comes up to Two-Brains and announces that he is, again, number one on the list, which makes him overjoyed.


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