Favorite Word - Tessa Age 10
MIHAWpointer Tessa

Tessa is a character regularly seen in the audience of May I Have a Word? where she is sitting on the pointing lady's right side.

Her name and age (ten years old) were revealed when she was interviewed on What's Your Favorite Word, where she talked about "adventure" being one of her favorite words.

Interview from WYFW

One of my favorite words is "adventure", because it makes me think of a beginning of a big long memory full of laughter and excitement, and a great journey to remember.



Becky's Bad-itude

She is seen waiting in line for the Billy concert ahead of Emma and behind Violet Heaslip.

In spite of this, she is actually seen later in the Funbots concert instead. Not visible in the initial shot, a later focus on Tim and TJ shows her sitting behind Tim and to his right, on the far left edge of the screen.


Slumber Party Pooper

Tessa has some short lines in this episode, although she speaks in a different voice than the one used in her FW interview.

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