"Tell Her What She's Won"
Season 4, Episode 18a
Tell Her What She's Won! titlecard
Production code: 605 a
Original Airdate: 08/07/2013
Featured Words: Bombard,
Written by: Charles M. Howell IV & Gordon Bressack
"Caper or Plastic?"
"Victoria is the Best...WordGirl?"

Tell Her What She's Won is episode 18a of Season 4 of WordGirl.


A jealous Seymour Orlando Smooth has kidnapped Beau Handsome, the host of everyone's favorite game show, May I Have a Word? When he starts stealing money from innocent contestants, WordGirl makes an appearance. Will she be able to rescue Beau and come up with a game plan to put Seymour back where he belongs: behind bars?


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Soup 2 Nuts animation

The Soup2Nuts cans on the pedestals.

  • It appears that the May I Have a Word set is inside the Soup2Nuts Animation Studio, shown by the cans resembling the S2N logo on the gate pedestals.
  • Beau Handsome’s design is slightly different from the May I Have a Word shorts; his eyebrows seem a different color. Also, his voice is different.
  • This is the only episode to include characters from May I Have a Word, thus confirming the existence of these characters in canon (at least in part).
  • The “lightning round” is mentioned, a callback to Tobey or Consequences.

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