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"Huggy, I need your help!"

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Swerve is an episode of May I Have a Word where Tommy correctly defined the word.



In Round 1, the only clip shown is of Granny May swerving down the road toward an armored truck.  Emily buzzes in first, and incorrectly defines it as one of those old-time cars that grandmas drive.  Then Phil buzzes in and incorrectly defines it as the yellow painted line in the middle of the road.  Finally, Tommy buzzes in with the correct answer for Swerve:  "to weave or zig-zag," as Granny May's car did in the clip.  He points out that the clip was the episode where the character of Granny May was introduced.

In the bonus round, Tommy correctly guesses picture #1, which shows T.J. swerving on his bike to avoid running into Huggy.


  • An official WordGirl unicycle
  • BONUS ROUND:  A stationary bike



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