Supervillains and You
Screen Shot 2012-09-22 at 5.56.18 PM
Author Doctor Two-Brains
Type of Media Book
Subject Supervillains Manual

The book Supervillains and You is a Superhero/Villains instructional manual written by Doctor Two-Brains. It is featured on the episode "Too Loud Crew". It is revealed that is written by Doctor Two-Brains when it is seen open, being held by The Whammer, because on the back an "About the Author" is featured with Two-Brain's photo in black-and-white. The Whammer and The Butcher checked it out from the city's public library, and then teamed up to commit crimes. It is revealed that WordGirl also has a copy of the manual, when she reveals to the Butcher and the Whammer how she foiled there crimes, using the manual.

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