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Huge-gantic Fan

Stench is an episode of May I Have a Word where Phil correctly defined the word.


In Round 1, Emily buzzes in and says that Stench is "a dangerous gas, like they showed in the clips."  Beau tells her that is incorrect.  Tommy buzzes in and answers that "clearly a stench is a sidekick, like Huggy."  After being told that is also incorrect, Phil buzzes in and gives the correct definition:  "A strong and disgusting smell."  Examples he gives are rotten eggs, garbage, or his baby brother's diapers.

In the bonus round, Phil correctly chooses picture #3, in which TJ is running from a skunk emitting a stench.


  • An Official WordGirl Huge-gantic Fan (which blows away Beau and his podium)
  • BONUS ROUND: A year's supply of Stench-B-Gone Perfume


At the end of the main round, rather than showing the audience, we watch Beau's podium being blown across the stage by the large fan. It was the last episode to not the have the audience appearing at the end of each round.


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