"Squeaky's Machine"
Short # 11 of 30
Squeaky's Machine
Length: 2 min
Original Airdate: 15 Jan 2007
Primary Villain: Dr. Two-Brains
Storyline: 5 of 5
Vocabulary Words: Predicament
Watch Video: PBS Video
"The Times, They Are A-Cheesy"
"Driving Miss Granny"

Squeaky's Machine is short number 11 out of 30 of The Amazing Colossal Adventures of WordGirl.


Dr. Two Brains is about to use his Goop Ray to give WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face a “one-way ticket to Goop Town.” Can they escape this predicament while Dr. Two Brains is distracted by cheese related questions from the Botsford family?


The short takes place in Two-Brains lair, where WordGirl is caught in a huge mouse trap, and Captain Huggy Face has his arms restrained by ropes. Two-Brains' henchmen are collecting cheese from all over the city, and he is threatening to use his goop ray on WordGirl and Huggy once they return.

The henchmen return with the van, but when they open the back, Two-Brains is shocked to see the Botsford family come out. Mr. Botsford questions Two-Brains about whether creamed cheese is actually a cheese. Meanwhile, T.J. sees his hero WordGirl, and walks over to her. She tried to get him to free her, but at first T.J. is too star-struck to move. Back by the van, Mr. Botsford moves on to asking them about cottage cheese, but Two-Brains finally gets fed up and tells the henchmen to tie them up. But by that time, T.J. has freed WordGirl and Huggy from their traps with a large pair of wire cutters. WordGirl ties up Two-Brains and flies off, leaving him to be taken away by the police.


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