"Sonny Days with a Chance of Showers"
Season 3, Episode 14a
Sonny Days with a Chance of Showers titlecard
Production code: 401 a
Original Airdate: 09/05/2011
Featured Words: Precipitation,
Written by: Carla Filisha
"A Better Mousetrap"
"Seymour ... Right After This"

Sonny Days with a Chance of Showers is episode 14a of Season 3 of WordGirl.


Eileen is angry when the local TV weatherman doesn’t announce that today is her birthday, so she kidnaps him and forces him to do a special broadcast to acknowledge her.


It is raining all week and today was the Annual End of the Picnic Season Picnic. Becky is disappointed that it's storming outside, because she's afraid they might cancel it. Bob and TJ are working on the egg toss, but Sally Botsford said there using those eggs for their egg sandwich. Becky said to her dad that if it rains, they will cancel the picnic. Mr. Botsford says one time that it was raining on their parade, but Mrs. Botsford said the parade floats were ACTUALLY floating.

Becky turns on the news, and weatherman Sonny Days appears on screen. Sonny gets ready to announce the birthday shout out's to the viewers. After he announces a few, Eileen (watching at her home) says that it was her birthday, and she tells him to announce it. Eileen starts to get impatient as he goes through other names, and the final birthday shout out is to...."VIOLET HEASLIP"! Eileen wasn't just annoyed about this, she was FURIOUS, and she transforms into birthday girl. Sonny starts talking about the weather and announces more rain, but when he gets to the picnic weather, he is interrupted by Eileen, saying that is her birthday...he tries to run, but she grabs him and the broadcast is disconnected! Becky knows that Birthday Girl is up to this, But TJ asks her what is the meaning of Precipitation. She explains and then dashes off.

Meanwhile, Eileen was walking with Sonny Days in the palm of her hand. Sonny asks her why she's doing this, and she explains that "its her birthday, and she wants him to go on her TV channel, and shows her picture and tell everyone it's HER birthday." Sonny says that is no problem at all, surprising a tiny bit of her. Sonny is happy to tell them that it is her birthday but he needs to see her birth certificate first, because it's against the "meteorologist code" to announce a birthday without proof. This infuriates her even MORE!

Tim imagines what a world without weather forecasts would be like, and comes up with some strange scenarios. He is hopeful that Sonny Days will be back on the air soon. Meanwhile, on Birthday Girl's rooftop "news room", she is directing Sonny Days in a newscast, but she pronounces "meteorologist" in baby talk, and Sonny corrects her. She tells him to do his job and tell everyone that it was her birthday, but WordGirl comes along. Eileen spots Huggy and tries to catch him too, but misses. WordGirl tells her to stop pestering Sonny Days, but she refuses, unless he tells everyone that today is her birthday. Sonny Days continues to say that he will not break the meteorologist code, because he doesn't think today is Eileen's birthday. She tells him EVERYDAY is her birthday, and Sonny tells her that's not how birthdays work, so she smashes a building.

Wordgirl tries to stop Eileen, but gets whacked! WordGirl tries to tie her up, but she breaks free and gets Wordgirl. She ties WordGirl up with Sonny Days so she can't rescue Huggy. As it turns out, Eileen says that she will be Huggy's partner in the three-legged race, and shrinks because she did something generous.

Later, Sonny goes back on his regular broadcast and to everyone's surprise announces that today actually IS Eileen's birthday, after receiving a copy of her birth certificate! After that, Sonny tells everyone that today is gonna be SUNNY, so the picnic can go on!!


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