Soar is an episode of May I Have a Word where Emily correctly defined the word.



In Round 1, Phil buzzes in first, but instead of defining the word he simply says, "it's what WordGirl and Huggy did in the clip."  Beau points out that his response was not a definition.  Emily then buzzes in, and correctly defines Soar as "to rise upward, or rise to a great height."  She points out to Phil that Captain Huggyface wasn't soaring in the clip, because WordGirl was carrying him.

In the bonus round, Emily correctly chooses picture #2, showing the eagles and hang glider soaring through the sky.


  • The Official Wordgirl "Soar like an Eagle" Hang Glider, with attached eagles
  • BONUS ROUND:  Official Wordgirl Eagle Wings


  • This episode reveals that Huggy can't fly.


Click here for Transcript

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