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"Huggy, I need your help!"

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May i have a Word Smash part 2 0001
Smash is an episode of May I Have a Word where Phil correctly defined the word.


In Round 1, Emily tries to buzz in, but ends up smashing her hand against the podium.  Tommy responds:  "That's funny, the word is Smash and you smashed your hand.  You could also say you struck, hit, or whacked your hand."  Beau comments that Tommy correctly defined the word, but didn't buzz in.  Phil then buzzes in and responds "What he said!"  Beau pauses for a second, glances over at the judges, and a high-pitched bell sounds, signaling that Phil's response was accepted.  Tommy is frustrated with himself, then leans forward and accidentally smashes his head against the microphone.

In the bonus round, Phil correctly guesses picture #3, in which Tim Botsford is smashing grapes.


  • The official Wordgirl Styrofoam Statue of Dr. Two-Brains (which Huggy proceeds to smash--the 3rd one he smashed today!)
  • BONUS PRIZE: The use of Mr. Botsford and his grape-stomping skills for an entire week


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