Silhouette is an episode of May I Have a Word where Emily correctly defined the word.


Huggy making silhouettes


In Round 1, three clips are shown of WordGirl in silhouette, along with Huggy and Dr. Two-Brains. Based on this, Tommy buzzes in and incorrectly guesses that since WordGirl is in all the clips, and is a super-superhero, "obviously" Silhouette is another word for a super-superhero. Phil buzzes in next, and asks, "Is it a regular superhero?" Beau tells him he is also incorrect. Finally Emily buzzes in and correctly defines Silhouette as "the outline of someone or something that appears all black."

In the bonus round, Emily correctly chooses picture #1, containing an outline of Dr. Two-Brains.


Click here for Transcript


  • An Official WordGirl Movie Screen
  • BONUS ROUND: Your Very Own Parade

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