"Showdown at the Secret Spaceship Hideout"
Season 3, Episode 6b
Showdown at the Secret Spaceship Hideout
Production code: 306 b
Original Airdate: 10/11/2010
Featured Words: Frolic,
Written by: Ryan Young & Steve Young
"Victoria Best (episode)"
"Captain Tangent (episode)"

Showdown at the Secret Spaceship Hideout is episode 6b of Season 3 of WordGirl.


During the latest encounter between WordGirl and Dr. Two Brains, Two-Brains hits himself with his snooze-ray. When he and his Henchmen wake up from their slumber, they find themselves in WordGirl's secret spaceship hideout. WordGirl must battle them for control of the snooze-ray and her secret hideout.


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  • Two-Brains: This saw is a combination of sharp metal and sharp cheese. Pure delicious genius!
  • Two-Brains: “SuperHeroes and You: A Practical Guide.” What kind of goofball would write--oh. This is the book I wrote before I became an evil genius supervillain.
  • WordGirl: I know! Most of what I learned about how to be a hero, I got from that book.
  • Two-Brains: The movie’s better.”


  • In this episode, Dr. Two-Brains twice refers to his former life as Prof. Steven Boxleitner--once when he recounts how WordGirl once told him about her secret hideout, and once when he discovers his old book, “SuperHeroes and You: A Practical Guide.”

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