Season Five is the final season of WordGirl. It debuted on August 4, 2014 and ended on August 7, 2015

On this wiki, Season Five is actually a compilation of the 13 episodes from the official season seven, with the 13 episodes from the official season eight (production codes 701-713, 801-813).

Ep. Prod code Airdate Segment 1 Segment 2
105/130 7018/7/2014 It's Your Party and I'll Cry if I Want To Becky's Bad-itude
106/130 7028/8/2014 First One to Win Wins A Little Bigger WordGirl
107/130 7036/3/2015 A Curious Case of Curiosity There's No V in Team
108/130 7046/5/2015 Sparkling Clean The Smile Collector
109/130 7056/17/2015 My Dad, My Teacher, My Dad, My Teacher The Power of Whamship
110/130 7067/3/2015 Backyard Camping Castle! Dungeon! Fortress! So?
111/130 7077/29/2015 News Girl Diorama Drama: The Scene of the Crime
112/130 7088/5/2014 A Few Words From WordGirl Ears To You
113/130 70911/26/2014 Guess Who's Coming To Thanksgiving Dinner Judging Butcher
114/130 7107/1/2015 Accordion Tradition Can't Touch This
115/130 7118/6/2014 El Queso Mysterioso Putt With Honor
116/130 7128/4/2014Kid Math (Two-part episode)
117/130 7136/24/2015 Royally Framed WordGirl vs. Tobey vs. The Dentist
118/130 8017/22/2015 Becky Knows Best As Something as Something
119/130 8027/24/2015 The Ordinary, Extraordinary Botsfords The Penny, the Pony, and the Pirate
120/130 8037/8/2015 Pineapple of My Eye Big Baby
121/130 8047/10/2015 Staycation Dr. No-Voice
122/130 8056/10/2015 Patch Game Girls Day Out Throws Chuck
123/130 8066/26/2015 What Would WordGirl Do Granny's Corner
124/130 8077/15/2015 Trustworthy Tobey The Tooth Hurts
125/130 8086/12/2015 A Sticky Situation Eight Legs Vs. Two-Brains
126/130 8097/17/2015 Time-Out with Two-Brains Dr. WordGirl-Brains
127/130 8107/31/2015 Tim Botsford: Neighborhood Assistant Set Sail for the Bake Sale
128/130 8118/5/2015 The Best of the Bests Art’s PartsAdd
129/130 8128/7/2015 Rhyme and Reason (Two-part episode)
130/130 8136/19/2015 World’s Best Dad The Good Old, Bad Old Days

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