The second season of WordGirl debuted 4 November 2008 and ended 20 July 2010.  It consists of all 26 episodes from the official season two (production codes 201-226).

Ep. Prod code Airdate Segment 1 Segment 2
27/130 20111/4/2008 A Vote for Becky Class Act
28/130 2022/16/2009 The Two-Brains Boogie Field Day Fun with Robo-Tobey
29/130 2032/17/2009 Slumber Party Pooper Line Lessons with Lady Redundant Woman
30/130 2043/23/2009 Mr. Big's Dolls and Dollars Great Granny May (episode)
31/130 2053/24/2009 Theme Park WHAMpage Chuck Makes a Buck
32/130 2064/30/2009 Highway to Havarti Tiny Big (episode)
33/130 2075/1/2009 I Think I'm a Clone Now Answer All My Questions and Win Stuff
34/130 2085/4/2009 Bonkers for Bingo The Ballad of Steve McClean
35/130 20910/23/2009 Tobey's Tricks and Treats Escape Wham
36/130 2106/19/2009 Pretty Princess Premiere Where's Huggy?
37/130 2117/13/2009 Robo-Camping The Stew, The Proud
38/130 2127/14/2009 Who Wants Candy? Chuck's Brother
39/130 2139/7/2009 Becky and the Bard Monkey-Robot Showdown
40/130 21410/12/2009 The Wrong Side of the Law (Two-part episode)
41/130 21510/13/2009Two Brains' Quartet Big's Big Bounce
42/130 21610/14/2009The Young and the Meatless Mr. Big's Mini-Golf
43/130 21710/15/2009 Nocan the Contrarian (episode) Meat My Dad
44/130 21811/23/2009 Who is Ms. Question? Lunch Lady Chuck
45/130 21912/10/2009 Oh, Holiday Cheese Ch-ch-ch-Change Day
46/130 22012/28/2009 WordGirl Makes a Mistake (Two-part episode)
47/130 2213/1/2010 Earth Day Girl A Hero, A Thief, A Store, and Its Owner
48/130 2222/15/2010 Opposite Day Granny's Book Club
49/130 2235/3/2010 Wham Up Seeds of Doubt
50/130 2245/4/2010 Wishful Thinking Lady Redundant Woman Gets the Blues
51/130 2257/19/2010 Win a Shiny New Car The People vs. Ms. Question
52/130 2267/20/2010Oh, What a Tangled Rope You Tie, Amazing Rope Guy Kids Action News

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