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" Oh my stars, Becky really is WordGirl! "
Sally Botsford
Name Sally Botsford
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Occupation District Attorney
Alignment Good
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Family Tim Botsford (husband)
TJ Botsford (son)
Becky Botsford (daughter)
Bob Botsford (pet)
Voice Actor Maria Bamford

Sally Botsford is a supporting character on WordGirl and is voiced by Maria Bamford. She is the wife of Tim Botsford, adoptive mother of Becky, and the biological mother of TJ.

Life Style

She is Fair City's district attorney, but that doesn't stop her from being a mom that is closely concerned and active in her childrens' lives.


  • She seems to have a fear of robots, as seen in the episode "You Can't Crush City Hall."
  • She is unaware of her daughter's secret identity (WordGirl) but due to her job it is her responsibility to put away all the dangerous villains her daughter rounds up in her hero identity.
  • Her dream is to appear in a game show (which almost happened in the aforementioned episode "Answer All My Questions and Win Stuff.")
  • In "The Wrong Side of the Law," she was the prosecutor in the case against WordGirl when she is accused of stealing.


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