Reuben Grinder

Reuben Grinder (voiced by Nick Kroll) is the owner of the Edible Edibles Sandwiches sandwich shop. His name comes from two forms of sandwiches: the Reuben and the Grinder, which is a toasted hero sandwich.

He first appeared in the episode "Chuck Makes a Buck", where he was being robbed by Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy. Thanks to WordGirl, Reuben employed Chuck as the store's new spokesperson/mascot due to his sandwich face, and he became popular, even to the point of having balloons of him made and being mobbed wherever he went.

However, in a falling out at his store on sandwich making for the annual Fancy People's Annual Awards Dinner, Chuck quit from illustration and turned the floor of the ballroom into the bottom half of a sandwich, enveloping everyone including Wordgirl and captain Huggy in Super strong mayonnaise. However, he and the people of high society get saved by Wordgirl who breaks free from the mayonnaise, and Chuck gets arrested by the police including Officer Jim and sent to jail for attempting to turn them into a sandwich thus almost crushing them to death.

Later, in the episode "Chuck and Brent Ride Again", Chuck attempted to rob Reuben Grinder again, this time with his brother Brent as his "sidekick", but then Reuben and Brent went into business selling loaves of peanut butter bread and jelly bread.

In "Sonny Days With a Chance of Showers", meteorologist Sonny Days wished Reuben Grinder a happy birthday on TV, as well as Edith von Hoosinghaus, Grandpa Ming, and Violet Heaslip.

Reuben has also appeared in "A World Without Wordgirl" on a wanted poster in the alternate reality (along with Sammy Sub) and in "The Rise of Miss Power" as one of the townspeople in jail.