"Re-Re-Enter, The Butcher"
Short # 05 of 30
Length: 2 min
Original Airdate: 08 Dec 2006
Primary Villain: The Butcher
Storyline: 4 of 5
Vocabulary Words: Misunderstanding,
Watch Video: PBS Video
"What's Up, Doc?"
"Yes Sir, That's My Butcher"

Re-Re-Enter, The Butcher is short number 05 out of 30 of The Amazing Colossal Adventures of WordGirl.


WordGirl tries to prevent the Butcher from robbing a grocery store. She also tries to clear up a misunderstanding between the Butcher and the Grocery Store Manager, who believes that the Butcher is there for a job.


The episode opens with WordGirl flying through the sky with Capt. Huggy Face at her side. Huggy points down at the grocery store, where people are fleeing. Inside, the Grocery Store manager is talking to the Butcher, thinking he is there for a job, and tells him he's hired. The Butcher tells him he isn't there for a job, and they go back and forth about this for a while. The Butcher says it's all a big "misblunderstanding", and the store manager fires him for making up words on the job. When WordGirl arrives, the Butcher asks for her help, explaining that he is only there to "stealize" money and not to get a job.

The Butcher finally launches a pastrami attack on the grocery store manager, and WordGirl tells him she is there to stop him. The narrator announces that they are out of time, so he tells WordGirl and the Butcher to assume fighting poses while he closes out the episode.


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