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Pounce is an episode of May I Have a Word where Emily correctly defined the word.


After the clips are shown in Round 1, Emily breaks out into laughter over how cute Huggy is when he pounces on people. She then buzzes in to define the word, but asks that Huggy pounce on something first. Beau acts annoyed, but Huggy ends up pouncing on his head. Emily then defines pounce as "to spring on something or someone suddenly."

Emily answers the bonus round question correctly, selecting #1, which shows Huggy pouncing.


  • An official Wordgirl Doctor Two-Brains balloon
  • An official Wordgirl Captain Huggyface balloon


  • A widescreen version of this episode exists.
  • The light above Emily's podium comes on before Huggy pounces on Beau, but when the scene cuts back to the contestants the light is off.  It remains off during the bonus round.
  • This episode reveals that Emily thinks Huggy is cute.
  • In the full screen version, the main rounds flashes back to a close-up of Beau after showing the audience.  In the bonus round, the camera stays on Beau at the end, and the audience is not shown. While in the widescreen version, the audience appears on camera at the end of both rounds.


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