Pointing Lady
Name Pointing Lady
Gender Female
Age Unknown (adult)
Occupation Unknown
Alignment Good
Homeland Lives in Fair City
Race Human
Friends Unknown
Family Little Granny May (daughter)

The description pointing lady refers to an unnamed woman seen pointing at one of Tobey's robots in the opening sequence of the TV series.

She has black hair tied into an upper spiky ponytail and pale skin and seems to exhibit similar asian features as seen in Emily or Todd Ming. She wears a baby turquoise T-shirt jacket with a pink T-shirt underneath, She also wears a primrose skirt and boots.

In the opening sequence the camera begins zoomed in on her mouth and pans out, showing her standing next to Todd. She appears in the sequence with Blue-jacketed lady, Running Man, Sally Botsford, and Toque guy. She is not Mrs. Ming, and it is not clear whether that proximity is coincidental or if she might be a relative (like an aunt).  There is no evidence to either confirm or refute any relationship to Todd Ming.

She appears in supporting roles in many of the WordGirl episodes, but rarely has a speaking part.  A few of her appearances are listed below.  She also regularly appears in the audience of May I Have a Word?, sitting to Tessa's left.





  • In Bonkers for Bingo she is revealed to be a new mother and has named her child Little Granny May in honor of Granny May. This may be a short-term thing, as she later is upset when Granny May's cheating is exposed and has her daughter dressed up as WordGirl at the end instead.

In part 4 of The Rise of Miss Power when Miss Power hijacks the news station, during the scene when Miss Davis is angrily watching the broadcast (on the far right of the screen) the pointing lady is doing so also, 2 spots to the left (or to Miss Davis' right). She has a speaking role here (and is revealed to have a southern accent), protesting against Miss Power, who quickly sends her minion to capture her. She is not seen in the episode after this point, unlike other captured people like Reginald or Sally who were later seen in the prison.