"Play Date"
Short # 15 of 30
Play Date
Length: 2 min
Original Airdate: 19 Jan 2007
Primary Villain: Tobey McCallister III
Storyline: 1 of 3
Vocabulary Words: Imbecile,
Watch Video: PBS Video
"Living in the Granny's Paradise"
"Tobey or Not Tobey"

Play Date is short number 15 out of 30 of The Amazing Colossal Adventures of WordGirl.


After destroying a giant, rampaging robot as WordGirl, Becky returns home to find that she has an unexpected playdate with Theodore MacCallister III. When Becky discovers that Theodore is actually “Tobey,” the mischievous genius behind the giant robot’s rampage, she risks revealing her secret identity.


The short begins with Wordgirl fighting a large robot in the city. After destroying it, she notices the name "Tobey" underneath the robot's foot, as well as a nearby remote someone had left behind with the letters "TTM" inscribed on the back. Wordgirl puzzles over the owner of the remote, but is unable to figure out who it could be.

Back at her home as Becky Botsford, her mother has set up a "play date" for her with the son of a woman she works with at the District Attorney's office. Theodore seems nice enough at first glance, but then turns out to be a mean young boy who calls the Botsfords "imbeciles" because they have a television, and breaks TJ's WordGirl doll. When he spots Becky with the remote she found, he orders her to return it to him, revealing he is Tobey. This leads the two children to deduce one another's heroic and villainous identities respectively, ending the short on a cliffhanger.


Major Roles
Minor Roles
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  • This is the first mention (and appearance) of Tobey.
  • This is the first time we hear about Mrs. Botsford's profession as District Attorney.
  • After Tobey states that "only imbeciles watch TV", Becky replies that their family only watches PBS, thereby sneaking in a commercial spot for the network that broadcasts WordGirl.

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