May i have a word Perspire 0001

Captain Huggyface smashed the air conditioner.

Perspire is an episode of May I Have a Word? in which Tommy correctly defined the word.


In Round 1, after Tommy correctly defines the word perspire, Captain Huggyface has a accident with his unicycle and lands on the right of the stage. After Huggy announced he was okay, Beau Handsome realizes that he has accidentally smashed the air conditioner.

In the bonus round, after Tommy picks number 3, Beau Handsome is already covered in sweat and his hair is a mess.


  • An Official WordGirl Absurdly Large Launch Ramp
  • BONUS ROUND: Official WordGirl Frozen Treats


  • "Oh, Huggy, did you break the air conditioner?" - Beau Handsome



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