The Bank

The Bank

The Bank is a location in Fair City frequented by various villains, primarily the Butcher.

As is revealed in "Super-Grounded", this is the primary reserve where the city's money is held. It is primarily run by two bank tellers; a female one with a New York accent, blond hair, and large hoop earrings; and a male one with black hair and glasses. Some other tellers appear at different time, including one with gray hair and glasses.

The bank was introduced in the short "Enter, the Butcher", where it was originally referred to as City National Bank. Afterwards, it has been called National National Bank. It is located on Main Street, based on the opening scene of the episode Granny Mayor.

As is revealed in "Ch-ch-ch-Change Day", it is against the rules for a bank employee not to sound the alarm during a robbery, and in "Chuck and Brent Ride Again" that it is also against the rules to give a villain robbing the bank a robbery bag.

In addition to the multiple robberies that take place at National National Bank, citizens also go there to make deposits, withdrawals, and to submit loan applications for "hot rods with fancy wheels". In "The Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick Maker", it is also shown that the bank sometimes gives out free balloons, and there is also an alarm for when someone takes more than one.

Apart from this bank, there are several other banks throughout the series, such as the Second Main Bank in "High-Fat Robbery", the First Second Third Bank in "The Ballad of Steve McClean", and various others seen in "Seymour ... Right After This".

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