Ms. Libri
Ms Libri
Name Ms. Libri
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Occupation Manager
Alignment Good
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends Unknown
Family Unknown
Voice Actor Robin Reed

Ms. Libri runs Fair City's bookstore. Her name is the Latin word for "book". She is voiced by Robin Reed.

She appeared in Princess Triana and the Ogre of Castlebum as the manager of the bookstore that the latest Princess Triana Book would be released to. She referred to Becky as "her best customer", and even saved a copy of the book for her.  The local librarian holds similar opinions about her.

She also appeared briefly in the episode I Think I'm a Clone Now. where Evil Malicious WordGirl stole a stack of books from her store.  When the real WordGirl showed up, she starting striking her with a broom.

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