Ms. Heaslip
Ms Heaslip
Name Ms. Heaslip
Gender Female
Age unknown
Occupation unknown
Alignment Good
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends Sally Botsford
Family Violet Heaslip (daughter)

Johnson (son)
Jim (brother/husband)
Great Grandma Heaslip's sister (paternal maternal great aunt and paternal maternal great aunt-in-law)
Great Grandma Heaslip (paternal grandmother and paternal grandmother-in-law)
Great Grandpa Heaslip (paternal grandfather and paternal grandfather-in-law)
Mr. Heaslip (paternal uncle and paternal uncle-in-law)
Grandpa Heaslip (father and father-in-law)
Grandma Heaslip (mother and mother-in-law)
Priscilla (pet)

Abilities Artistic and poetic skills, yoga

Ms. Heaslip is Violet Heaslip's mother. Also, like her daughter, she has a love of art and poetry. It is also revealed that she is enjoys yoga and is good at it.

Based on Violet's family tree diagram from The Ordinary, Extraordinary Botsfords, it appears that Ms. Heaslip may be married to her own brother.

She is never actually heard speaking at any point during the series.


The Good, The Bad, And The Chucky

Oh, Holiday Cheese

Episode unknown

Too Loud Crew

When Becky visits the Heaslip home, Violet's mom can be seen in the background doing yoga (along with Priscilla and Bob). Unlike her other appearances, she is wearing black yoga pants instead of a long dark blue denim skirt, possibly due to it being too difficult for her to do yoga while wearing a skirt without keeping it down.

The Ordinary, Extraordinary Botsfords

The family tree that Violet displays indicates that Violet has a brother, meaning that Ms. Heaslip has another child.

It also indicates that Ms. Heaslip and Violet's father share the same parents, and are thus siblings, brother and sister.


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