Mr. and Mrs. Best
Vb parents
Name Mr. and Mrs. Best
Gender Male/Female
Age Unknown (adult)
Occupation Unknown
Alignment Evil
Homeland Unknown/Possibly Fair City
Race Human
Friends N\A
Family Victoria Best (daughter)
Victor Best (son)
Abilities Eyebeams
Voice Actor Larry Murphy (Mr. Best) Kristen Schaal (Mrs. Best)

Mr. and Mrs. Best (the parents of Victor and Victoria Best) have been seen in multiple episodes.  They are constantly badgering Victoria to be the best at everything, and also urge Victoria to steal the prizes to various events. When they do so, they gain an evil red glow to their eyes while saying "Eyes on the prize". They also have a son and a poodle who are very talented at chess.

It should be noted that the Bests are eerily similar to the Botsfords. They are voiced by Kristen Schaal (mother) and Larry Murphy (father).

" Eyes on the prize... "
Mr & Mrs. Best

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